Day 36 – July 7 Back in Packer and Badger Country

I left that sleazy motel in St. Paul at 6:15 a.m. and hurried over the St. Croix River on I-94 into my home state of Wisconsin, where I stopped in Hudson, a key YT town, for a donut and coffee…well, 2 donuts actually, as they were on sale. (good excuse, huh?)

It was a glorious day, cool and sunny, so I followed the Yellowstone Trail / US 12 route from Hudson to Menomonie, also on the YT and home of my Alma Mater, UW-Stout. I spent about an hour there in Wakanda Park, on the lake and in the shade. Very nice.

There I sorted through all of the “stuff” (booklets, maps, brochures, etc.) that I had collected on my trip, and also dug out the 110 pages of Washington draft maps so I could loan a lot of that “stuff” to John (President) and Alice (Secretary) of the Yellowstone Trail Association. They live in the Eau Claire area, my next stop.  They are the “Founding Godparents” of our modern day Association, and they will use those materials to supplement their vast research of the YT. 

We had a fine visit…4 ½ hours…talking about my adventures, looking at the maps at some surprising “lost” parts of the YT that I “found”, and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, and I am sure that they did too.

But, home beckoned me, so it was back on I-94 towards Janesville. Traffic was a bit heavy from about Tomah to my exit, where the temperature had dropped to only 88 degrees.

Everything was just as I left it at home, so I kicked on the A/C and unpacked a few things. Tomorrow I will get everything sorted out, get some groceries and Sunday papers, and try to shed this “road trip mode” I am in…I am so used to hitting the road every morning…it will take a few days to get used to being back in the real world. I’m not really sure that I want to though, as I had a very good time on this trip and I will miss the adventure and fun.

I’ll post a trip summary soon.