Day 35 – July 6   Long Drive, Rain Like Car Wash, Then Hot

I woke in the dark, had a coffee and donut, and left Bismarck in the rain at 5:30 am. I hit some areas where it seemed like hurricane conditions…almost a white-out of rain and wind across North Dakota and into Minnesota. (OK, I bootlegged that photo, there are not really palm trees in Fargo {:>) )

I was following the storm that was also moving east, sometimes driving out from under it. By central MN, I left it completely and instead, found myself in very heavy Friday afternoon traffic.

It was in the upper 90s when I finally got to St. Paul after 460 miles today. I checked into a fleabag motel and watched the storm catch up to me.

Early to bed…and looking forward to being back home in Wisconsin tomorrow with lower temps predicted.